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Welcome to Memco of Pennsylvania

Medical Equipment Repair, Parts, Service, and Inspections – 25 Years Experience

MEMCO of Selinsgrove PA. Toll Free 1-844-636-2672. MEMCO – 112 18th Street, Selinsgrove PA 17870. We are certified and insured to provide all of your service needs.

Types of facilities we service:

Skilled Nursing Centers Home Health Care
Urgent Care Facilities Physical Therapy Centers
Government Reserve Centers Family Practice Centers
College Field Houses Athletic Training Rooms
Chiropractors Podiatrists
Veterinary Nursing Homes


Repairs & Calibration:

All makes of Chiropractic Tables Treatment Table Repairs
Traction Table Repairs Electrotherapy Repairs
Ultrasound Therapy Repairs Fluidotherapy Repairs
Hylo Table Repairs Hydrocollator Repairs



Hydraulic Cylinders and Hoses Capacitors, Limit Switches, Relays
Collimator bulbs & Repairs DIY Chiropractic Upholstery Kit
Pelton Crane, Midmark Sterilizer & Autoclave parts in Pennsylvania Podiatry Chair Cylinders & Motors


Models and Manufacturers:

Hessco Bryanne Enterprises Inc
Williams Health Care Zenith Hylo Tables
Lloyd Chattanooga DJO
Clockworks Intersegmental Traction


We are Chattanooga Certified
DJO Cert

We offer:

On-site Chiropractic Table Upholstery

Electric Motor and Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs for chiropractic tables and podiatry exam chairs.

X-ray Machine removal and disposal including required DEP paperwork


For annual equipment calibrations and inspections we compile a detailed equipment inventory, inspect the equipment, and show the quantitative electrical, temperature, or output inspection data of your equipment including exam tables, exam lamps, AED’s, EKG’s, patient scales, freezers and refrigerators, autoclaves, Ultrasound and e-stim, NIBP monitors, beds and much more. If correctives are needed we can address that for you as well. You will be provided with an Inspection Data Sheet and Certificate of Calibration for your Healthcare manual. Price is based on inventory size and distance.

Serving Pennsylvania care providers for 17 years with a combined 35 years of experience.



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